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Building a Picket Fence in New Smyrna Beach

White picket fences look great wherever they are used and to give your home a huge curb appeal, white picket fence and excellent landscaping are the ways to go. Although, you can only get little privacy with white picket fences but to keep children or pets in your yard and to create borders, picket fences will do just fine and be a beauty to behold at the same time. Fencing contractors in New Smyrna Beach have a liking for picket fences, so you have no worries if your home is in New Smyrna Beach.

Materials used for making Picket Fences

A picket fence is made of wood, and typically, when you ask for a picket fencing from any fencing contractor in New Smyrna Beach, you will get a prefabricated fence. The only thing you may have to do is choose your desired style and be prepared to maintain the wood regularly. Hardwoods like redwood or cedar are less likely to rot in a short time, and you can also choose pressure-treated wood.

If you, however, will be unable to keep up with the maintenance required of wood, you may have to choose vinyl fencing. The only thing vinyl needs are pressure washing once a year.

Picket Fence Styles

The most common style of Picket Fence is a stringing a set of poles with rails. You can either have pointed or rounded pickets. If you are after something more elaborate, you can choose the Windsor Point which has a bed just beneath the point. Picket fence can also be customized with different colors that will blend into your landscape.

If your picket fence is made of Vinyl, you have a limited option of colors because it comes in mainly white, but you can make up for this with your gate choice. You can choose any color for your gate and have it designed in different ways.

Choosing a Picket Fence.

Because of the different ways that your picket fence can be styled, it will fit into any house. The fence is primarily used to differentiate between private and public space in your yard, and it is also useful in keeping kids and pets in. Some homeowners also use Picket fence to create a segment for a garden within their yard. You can use any style of pickets for your house's landscape, and you should not plant climbing plants close to your picket fence. This is because the plants will harbor moisture which will, in turn, cause the fence to rot quickly. Instead, find another space away from your fence and use it for a planting bed.

Make your home look better with a classic or updated picket fence by choosing one of the best fencing contractors in New Smyrna Beach. Call The Art of Fencing LLC on 386-871-0069.