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Fencing Options: Things you should do as a Landlord

A fencing contractor in New Smyrna Beach can help you build a fence according to your requirements but do you even know why your property might need a fence as a landlord? Find out what you should know about fencing your property.

Generally, a property that looks good will be valuable and this as a rule of thumb is a way of retaining tenants. As a landlord, you can decide to fence your property for a lot of reasons ranging from decorative reasons to privacy reasons. A lot of homes in New Smyrna Beach have fences around them for aesthetic appeal and function purposes or even security purposes. So, as a landlord who has chosen to fence his or her property, has found a reputable fencing contractor New Smyrna Beach such as Art of Fencing LLC, there are some things that you have to do. If you have tenants on the property, you should give them a notice before commencing work on the project. For prospective tenants, you should also let them know of the plan to install a fence for privacy and security reasons. So, what are those things you have to do?

1. Deciding to construct a fence

Properties with fences around them are potentially high-valued properties and tend to attract tenants and ultimately increased rent. There are different values that tenants attach to a fenced-in property which include;

  • Privacy
  • Security and;
  • Protection for children and pets.

For some properties, if there is a pool in it, fencing will be a necessity to protect children in the neighborhood and also avoid legal liability that may arise from an unfenced pool. All of this has to be a part of the factors that will influence your decision to build a fence on your property.

2. Choosing the right material

Depending on your preference and budget, a fencing contractor in New Smyrna Beach like Art of Fencing LLC will help you construct a fence on your property using the material you choose. But it is important that you know what is involved. There are different options which include wood, Aluminum, and PVC, and they each have their advantages. Wood is attractive but requires more maintenance over time; Aluminum looks more elegant and can make your property look more attractive, but it is quite expensive; PVC is cost-effective, widely used, durable but not as elegant as Aluminum. If you are building a fence for ornamental and aesthetic purposes, Aluminum is the best option.

3. Scheduling the construction

You need to arrange a date with your chosen fencing contractor New Smyrna Beach and inform your tenants about the scheduled date. If your tenants have been asking for a fence to be built, they will most likely be enthusiastic about it. if they have dogs, tell your tenants to have them leashed or locked up during the fence construction.

4. Finishing touches

If you install an aluminum fence, that is ornamental in itself, but you could spruce it up a bit by adding some beautiful landscaping. You can as well plant some flowers or tell your tenants to plant the flowers they love most around the fence.

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