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Common Fence Installation mistakes that can ruin your new fence

In this modern age of do-it-yourself videos on YouTube, so many homeowners try to spend less by installing their fence but instead find themselves to some common installation mistakes. Any of these pitfalls can cost you twice the amount you used in buying the fence as well as putting the security of your property in jeopardy. Here are some professional tips for perfect fence installation.

I. Ensure Adequate Post Depth

When installing a fence, many homeowners fail to set the posts deep into the ground. If you are trying to save time by not digging deep enough, your fence will not be level. Also, your fence will not last long or stand firm enough to withstand heavy storms and other harsh weather conditions. For the perfect installing of your fence, it is necessary you meet up with a fencing contractor in New Smyrna beach because they know the exact feet the posts need to be planted.

II. Choose the location Wisely

Fencing contractors in New Smyrna Beach will always advise you to leave a buffer zone of about 2 feet from obstacles or neighboring structures so that you can access the fence from the outside of your property. Many homeowners tend to forget to do this or overlook the idea to make more space inside their yard. Even in a situation where no obstacle is present, it is wise not to install the fence on top of your property line, but instead inside it.

III. Ensure Adequate Spacing

Wooden fences are great and can transform your home if you allow a fencing contractor in New Smyrna beach to carry out the project. But if you want to install it yourself, ensure you do not attach the board too tight to each other, to allow for expansion and swelling. When the weather is wet, the boards will expand or swell, thus resulting in the wrapping of the boards.

IV. Plan your project

Fencing contractors in New Smyrna beach know that planning is very critical for the installation of a perfect fence. Many homeowners think installing a fence is just by hitting a nail with a hammer, thus failing to take time to plan appropriately. Failing to plan properly may lead to unfixable mistakes when installing your fence. Unlike what most DIY videos will show you, Professional fencing contractors will always use a sealer for the bottom of the fence posts to preventing it from rotting.

V. Maintenance

After the installation of your fence, it is necessary for you to maintain it properly if you want it to last long. Rust, mold and water damage are the most frequent problem that results from poor maintenance.

Installing a new fence is not as easy as the DIY videos on YouTube, and many homeowners in New Smyrna Beach have made these common fence installation mistakes. Instead of wasting your money and time on the Do-It-Yourself project consider letting a professional fencing contractor New Smyrna beach install it for you. You are guaranteed an excellent installation.