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3 Essential Tips for Dog-proof Fencing

If you are tired of always chasing your dog or paying fines to the City of Port Orange Animal Control when they find your escape artist, then it may be time to consider hiring a fencing contractor in Port Orange. There are three different factors to keep in mind when you choose to have a fence built to contain your dog.

Choose the Right Height

You need to consider the size of your dog and if he or she tends to jump in order to choose the right size fence. Large breed dogs usually need a six-foot fence. If you seem to always be adding extensions to your current fence to keep your dogs contained, then you and your dog are simply playing games. Your dog will learn to jump a little higher each time, so tear down the existing fence and build a new one that is six feet high for the best results. While it is unlikely if your lab, husky or retriever bounds over the six-foot fence then add one extension but slant it at a 45-degree angle to keep your dog from being able to jump over it. If you have a smaller-size dog, then a four-foot fence is usually tall enough. In either case, make sure that there are no nearby structures that your dog can use as a springboard to help them jump over the fence. If your dog is a digger, then consider buying rock or a strand of barb wire right under the fence.

Opt for Solid Fences

Using chain-link fencing is an invitation to climb the fence, especially when your dog gets bored and you are not at home. It can also be difficult to use a picket fence because you will not believe the small holes that your dog can squeeze their body through. Instead, choosing a solid panel fence is the best solution. The design of this fence means that your dog will not find easy footholds to help them climb the fence. Vinyl fencing is often a great choice because dogs cannot chew holes in it over time. The second advantage of using a fence that the dog cannot see through is they have no temptation to go chase everyone that passes by or every squirrel because they cannot see them.

Check for Neighborhood Regulations

One thing that you will want to do before having a new fence installed in Port Orange is to check your neighborhood regulations. In Port Orange, you need a permit to build a fence. Generally, the fence cannot be taller than six feet in your backyard and four feet in the front. If you are part of a homeowner’s association, then you may face additional regulations.

The best way to get a new fence built in Port Orange is to contact Art of Fencing LLC at (386) 871-0069. They will help you make sure that you choose the right fence to keep your four-legged friend contained while at the same time, helping you meet all fencing regulations. They earnestly desire to be your fencing contractors in Port Orange.