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Landscaping Near Your Fence

Adding beautiful flowers and other plants near your fencing can enhance its looks. Planting the wrong plants, however, can harm your fence by staining it or destroying its structural integrity. Here are five landscaping tips that you will want to add after you have had fencing contractors near New Smyrna Beach install your new fence. You have at least three different options, so see which one fits your personality and situation the best.

Option #1: Consider the Fence as a Backdrop

Just like a great work of art, you can use the fence as a backdrop. This is particularly a great option if you choose a custom wood fence. Just like an artist considers the canvas, you can consider the fence your canvas. Plant taller flowers near the fence and shorter ones towards the interior of your yard. For example, you may want to plant tall ornamental grasses or ferns near the fence line and plant shorter plants like periwinkle in front. You can even choose colors based on the color scheme of your house. Depending on your fence’s position, remember that it may block the sun through part of the day. If you have opted to have a new chain link fence installed, then you may want to consider shrubs or evergreen trees that will further help to block the neighbor’s view while helping to control your backyard noise level.

Option #2: Create a Vertical Garden

One of the hottest rages in outdoor decorating right now is to create a vertical garden, and your new fence may be a great place to install one. You have several different choices in how you want to proceed. You can build a custom ladder to lean against your wall with each step consisting of a flowerbox filled with beautiful plants. You can even cut an old pallet into several large flowerboxes and fill the flowerboxes with plants. You can fasten cans and pots to the wall and plant individual plants in them. Let your imagination go wild, and you will soon develop an idea for a vertical garden that you love.

Option #3: Use Vines

Planting vines on a fence is a great way to enhance its beauty. You may want to think about planting cross vines as their bright orange flowers are some of the earliest to arrive in the spring. You may also want to consider Dutchman’s pipe as these vines not only bloom throughout much of the winter, but they are a great way to attract butterflies to your yard.

Regardless of what option works best for you, there is one decision that is incredibly easy. There is no need to beg your friends and neighbors to come to help you install your new fence. Just give Art of Fencing a call at (386) 871-0669 to get your new fence installed. You will love this fencing contractor near New Smyrna Beach’s options in custom wood, PVC, chain link, and many other types of fencing.